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My name is Rocio and i was born hungry, my grandma filled my hands with books and my head with birds, all this books helped me to start my pilgrimage into a life of adventures, that now i share with my partner in crime, my dog Mateo. My food tours are the combination of my passion for my city with my eternal hunger, and i am super proud of the company that i have created. My obsession is to show my guests the best side of Mexico and its food through my tours. I put myself in the shoes of my travelers helping them to avoid tourist traps, bad restaurants, abusive vendors and hidden costs. In all my tours i will: -Cater to your request of additional stops or crazy ideas (don´t be shy, I´ve translated tarot readings, found mariachis at 2:00 am on a Sunday, and bought new snickers for a a naive fashionista that did not follow my dressed code advice) -Jumpstart your Mexican food journey with more than tons of courses -Satisfy your hunger for facts and gossip about Mexico, its food and the city. -Limit my tours to a 8 people maximum, to make sure you have the best experience posible. -Give the tour rain or shine.

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Mexico City Hotspots

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Mexico City culinary scene is just mind blowing, everyday a new amazing and delicious restaurant opens, from Italian, to Thai-fusion food and of course the new Mexican cuisine, chefs are combining fla ... + MORE

Tacos, Beer and Mezcales

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Walk around Condesa Neighborhood, eat 5 delicious tacos, 4 crafts beers, fruit water and more, learning about the different taquerías, taco techniques and daily life facts. Sauces are really important ... + MORE

Mexican Food 1010

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Mexico City is an AWESOME city, we have amazing street food, colorful markets, chaotic areas, also our culinary scene is blooming, a lot of small restaurants with incredible food open everyday and kee ... + MORE

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